By promoting physical, emotional and intellectual development, we cultivate children's curiosity, empathy and respect, and develop inquiry skills. Children explore and study spontaneously and happily in the kindergarten's learning environment, and understand the world through the perception of objective society. We provide a peaceful, orderly and loving environment, form a dynamic connection with the environment, help children hone their learning and further improve their skills at this critical stage of development, and encourage each child to become an independent lifelong learner.



There are four professionals in our team, consisting of highly qualified(AMS) international and Chinese teachers in our Pre-K classroom. The teaching mode of small class system gives children enough exploration space, so that every child is paid enough attention to and respected. Careful observation records, growth plans formulated according to the children's different characteristics, comprehensive interim reports and semester reports, so as to integrate home and school and jointly accompany children's healthy and happy growth.